Kindly do the following:

  1. Eject the SIM from the mobile
  2. Detach the microchip from the SIM carefully  
  3. Clean the gold plate of the Home SIM, then insert only the SIM without the microchip 
  4. If the Home SIM is detected, eject and stick the microchip back on the SIM (see the sticking guide below). Ensure that the black spot of the chip is pasted firmly on the SIM
  5. Insert back the SIM with the microchip and restart the phone.

Should the problem persist, request a replacement from the FlexiroamX App > Support > Request Replacement and fill up the form to get a replacement. However, please note that the replacement pack may involve delivery charges and your account details, such as balance and the validity, run as normal; there is no halting or suspension, and it comes without any data plan since it will follow the existing account information.